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personalized management

Our software solutions are cloud-native and are easily used by top interventionalists for delivering high-end personalized management of vascular disease.

insilico trials

Bio-CFD helps medical device companies accelerate responsible innovation and secure fast-track regulatory compliance using in silico trials.

High fidility Computational Fluid Dynamics for Vascular Research

Carotid stenting restores healthy blood rheology

Severe internal carotid artery stenosis (left) alters dynamic blood rheology in the carotid bifurcation flow. This increases the risk of acute thrombotic stroke as well as significantly reducing cerebral blood flow. Carotid angioplasty and stenting restores dynamic blood rheology to normal ranges (right), hence, allowing arteries to heal and remodel quickly. #NeuroCFD uses highly-resolved Large Eddy Simulation (LES) with patient-specific blood rheology models to empower #insilico #trials to improve #endovascular #medicaldevices and #neurosurgery practice.

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